Indigenous Education

Academic Supports

Good Shepherd School is committed to improving education outcomes for Indigenous students and strives to close the gap in educational achievement for Indigenous students. This involves developing partnerships between community organizations, parents/ families and staff giving support to students engaged in academic and culturally relevant programs at the school level.

At Good Shepherd School we have teachers and support workers dedicated to providing counselling, academic support, monitoring of  attendance and providing student assistance where needed, as well as providing an Indigenous based program to promote awareness and an appreciation of native culture, heritage and language through school activities and presentations such that all may be equally included.

Noon Hour Co-Curricular Programming

The noon hour drop-in program is an opportunity for students to socialize and belong while engaging in friendly discussion, mentorship by the Indigenous studies Co-Ordinator, and the creation of crafts and other projects.

The traditional drumming group has enjoyed learning the history of the drum and its significance to Indigenous culture. At present there are two large groups honing their drumming technique: one for Gr’s 1,2, and 3 and the other for Gr ‘s 4, 5 and 6.

Good Shepherd each year participates in HFCRD # 37 Divisional Hand Games Tournament. This is eagerly awaited by all students. Other traditional games are also available to be incorporated into Phys. Ed or other times.

Classroom Presentations

Classroom teachers include in their lesson plans Indigenous studies and cultural presentations such as fur trade studies from the Indigenous peoples perspective, making of dream catchers, and learning about and practising The Sharing Circle.

Special Event Programming

Remembrance Day observances include displays of and recognition of the sacrifices and role of Canada’s Indigenous military throughout our history.

Metis Week is celebrated in the school each November.  Students learn Metis facts and trivia and Metis Jigging or other special guests/ performers are invited to celebrate with the staff and students.

National Aboriginal Day is celebrated each June and once again we invite special performers to join with our students in recognizing the contributions of the First Peoples of Canada and sharing special traditions such as Native Dance, storytelling,  cultural foods and crafts, as well as sharing of time together.