Larissa Vant Erve Named 2017 HFCRD Edwin Parr Award Nominee

  Posted: May 29, 2017

Holy Family Catholic Regional Division (HFCRD) is pleased to announce Larissa Vant Erve has been named HFCRD’s 2017 Edwin Parr Award Nominee.  Vant Erve was selected at the April 25th Regular Board Meeting after being nominated by Good Shepherd School Principal Sandra Ciurysek.  Vant Erve, a first year teacher at Good Shepherd School, has demonstrated teaching abilities and strategies that are beyond her years in her grade four classroom.

“Larissa is very deserving of this nomination.  She is an outstanding teacher who is considerate of students’ individual needs and learning styles.  She makes a conscious effort to include a variety of multi-sensory activities within her lessons and instruction,” said Principal Sandra Ciurysek.  “Larissa works hard and is dedicated to her goal of making a difference in the lives of students.  It is my pleasure to offer support to Larissa as a promising teacher and educational leader.”

Vant Erve, who is originally from Manning, graduated from the University of Alberta in 2016 earning her Bachelor of Education specializing in elementary education.  During her first year of teaching, Vant Erve has demonstrated her exceptional abilities to connect with students and staff, and has become a positive addition to the school culture at Good Shepherd.  Outside of the classroom, she is very involved with school activities and is quick to offer help when it is needed.  Vant Erve volunteers on the school’s Spiritual Formation Team that plans faith events and creates faith-filled experiences for students and staff.  She also continues to be very active in her hometown parish in Manning where she teaches Children’s Liturgy on a regular basis.

“I am very honoured to be nominated for this prestigious award.  Thank you to Sandra Ciurysek for nominating me, and to the Board of Trustees for selecting me as the division’s nominee,” said Vant Erve.  “I am very lucky to have spent my first year of teaching in the positive atmosphere at Good Shepherd, and I am very grateful to staff and students for making this year a positive experience.  I look forward to many more years of teaching.”

Vant Erve describes her first year of teaching as very busy, challenging and rewarding.  She says her favourite part of teaching is the lightbulb moments when students begin to understand a concept.  Next year, she will be teaching grade three and she says she looks forward to the new experience and hopes to continue teaching a variety of grades throughout her career.

Every year, an outstanding first-year teacher is recognized by the HFCRD Board of Trustees with an Edwin Parr Nomination.  All nominees in Zone 1 are recognized at a Fall banquet where the Zone 1 Nominee is announced by the selection committee.  The Zone 1 Nominee then goes to the provincial level in the hopes of earning one of the six provincial awards.  Good luck to Larissa!